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Sell Annuity Payments to Have a Happy Holiday (COVID Pandemic or Not)

It’s understandable: you might have looked at 2020 with the same disdain as you would an out-of-control dumpster fire. Good news is, you can sell annuity payments to make your holidays (and future) a lot brighter (cue the twinkling holiday lights). Selling annuity payments can help taper or completely eradicate debt. And if you have your sights set on becoming your own boss in the new year, you can use your lump sum to get yourself up and running. COVID pandemic or not, having a large sum of cash in your hand will instantly empower you to do some amazing stuff. Here, we’ll dive into the specific ways that selling annuity payments can help you level up during the holidays and beyond.

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Can You Borrow Against Your Structured Settlement?

If you’ve hit a major financial snag, it’s important to consider your options and make good, sound decisions – it’s how you put yourself back in good standing with the powers that be! And if you have a structured settlement, you might consider how to leverage your ongoing payment stream. You might be wondering if you can get a loan by borrowing against your structured settlement. After all, it is guaranteed money, so you should be able to use it as collateral for a loan, right? Well, not really. Opting to cash in on a structured settlement lump sum is by far a better choice than payday or other types of loans. Borrowing against your structured settlement could result in further financial issues.

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Sell Structured Settlement Payments in the Age of COVID-19

Structured settlements payments could be the key to keeping above water as the COVID-19 pandemic lingers on. Many people are unaware that selling a structured settlement for a lump sum can be a tremendous help in alleviating the financial burdens associated with COVID.

For example, if you’ve lost your job or have been furloughed because of the pandemic, you might feel an overwhelming sense of dread as your bills pile up. This is especially true if you are ineligible for other financial help programs. But selling a portion of your payments can help you navigate the financial ramifications of the coronavirus. In this quick 5-minute read, we’ll explain what you can do right now to tackle bills if you’ve been affected.

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J.G. Wentworth Loses its Trademark Claim Against RSL Funding

Structured settlement factoring company, J.G. Wentworth lost its trademark claim against competitor, RSL Funding (“RSL”) (Facebook appeal reference number 695552397658567).

On July 14th, 2020, J.G. Wentworth reported two of RSL’s Facebook posts to administrators for ‘violating its trademark rights’. The Facebook posts informed the public about J.G. Wentworth’s questionable business practices. J.G. Wentworth claimed that RSL used the Wentworth trademark without permission ‘…in connection with the sale or promotion of goods or services’ and ‘that use is likely to confuse consumers about the source, endorsement, or affiliation of the goods or services.’

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3 Ways Selling Your Structured Settlement Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Have you managed to stick to your New Year’s resolutions for 2020? If so, you’re doing better than most Americans – according to studies, most of us have given up by January 12 and only 8% of us ever actually achieve goals set for the new year.

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Why Selling Structured Settlements is the Best Way to Get Money

structured settlement_BestWayToGetMoneyblog

Moolah. Cheddar. Dough. The Almighty Dollar.

Some people say money isn’t everything, but it’s entirely possible that they’ve never been without it. The truth is, getting money often becomes the priority when the chips are down and you’re trying to get above water on the financial front. While some options like payday loans or credit card advances may seem like smart ways to get money quickly, these choices can mean bad news for your wallet in the long-term. Even personal loans might seem like a promising option at first glance, but the financial repercussions of them can result in accumulating more debt than what you started with. Here’s some insight on why you should steer clear of the “obvious” choices and instead, consider selling your structured settlement for a lump sum of cash.

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Win the Holidays this Year with a Structured Settlement Sale

stuctured settlements_wintheholidayblog
Remember the holidays last year? You know, where you showed up late for dinner because your car broke down on the drive over? And you’re between jobs no less? Yeah, those holidays. Even if those things didn’t happen to you exactly, it’s not uncommon for financial stress to creep up at this time of year. But no worries. You can win the holidays this time around with a little help from selling your structured settlement.

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Between Jobs? 5 Reasons to Sell Your Annuity and Make Bank

Fear. Shame. Helplessness. Anxiety. These are only a few of the many emotions that can come with losing your job. For many people, the time spent between jobs can be the most difficult in their lives, but you can make it a little easier for yourself if you sell your annuity.

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Fines, Tickets, & Fees – Tackling Legal Woes with Your Structured Settlement Lump Sum

Everyone’s got skeletons in their closets…annoying little buggers that remind us of our past mistakes, the good advice we ignored, and the consequences that we dodged. Specifically speaking, fines, tickets, and fees that we haven’t paid yet can keep cropping up in pretty awful ways. We’re talkin’ arrest warrants for unpaid fines, licenses being revoked because of unpaid tickets, and let’s not forget the mountain of debt that can accumulate because of failure to pay court fees. The good news is, if you have a structured settlement or annuity in place, you can redeem yourself and finally rid yourself of those skeletons once and for all.

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Selling Structured Settlements? Put Your Money to Work!

You already know that selling your structured settlement can get you a lump sum payment to buy a vehicle or home, go back to school, or invest; but what you may not know is that you can make the money from selling your structured settlement go even further.

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Sell Your Annuity to Better Your Situation

Picture this: You get a promotion, but the catch is, you have to relocate and pay for the move. On the surface, changing your financial situation by way of a promotion is amazing. But a big move (or any life change) can come with big expenses. If you’re not in a good place financially, you might feel “stuck;” unable to take full advantage of opportunities. A new job in a new state is one such opportunity. But there are many “golden egg” situations in life that may seem out of reach. Here’s something you might not have known: if you have an annuity or structured settlement, you can sell your payments for a lump sum. It’s money that can change things in a big way.

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5 Ways to Disaster-Proof Your Life with a Structured Settlement Lump Sum

Natural disasters can strike at any time and the destruction left in their wake can be devastating. In an instant, everything you’ve worked for your entire life can be destroyed by fire, flooding, or whatever else Mother Nature can conjure up. While you can’t control the weather, you can ensure your family has the means to escape a natural disaster safely. You can also secure a safe place to live. It can be done by selling your structured settlement or annuity payments for a lump sum.

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Is Your Reason for Selling Your Structured Settlement…Legit?

Is Your Reason for Selling Your Structured Settlement Legit?

Are you considering selling your structured settlement or annuity payments? Maybe you’re already in the process and questioning whether it’s the right decision. Whatever stage you’re in, you’ll want to make sure your reasons are positive, profound, and life-changing…legit!

Because…what’s more enticing than a big, fat pile of cash? Sometimes, the temptation of ‘easy’ money can result in short-sighted decision-making that may not necessarily be beneficial in the long-term. However, sometimes a large lump sum can very literally change lives for the better and set people up for brighter futures than they otherwise would have had.

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Ready to Sell Annuity Payments? Here’s Your Checklist.

Ready to Sell Annuity Payments?
When you decide to sell annuity payments, it’s kind of a big deal. You’re giving up some of your overall settlement so you can take advantage of a sweet, large sum of a money…it’s your money, sooner. It can be a damn good experience, but if you don’t play your cards right, things could go south, fast.

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Sell Your Structured Settlement & Fund Your Education

When you receive a lump sum of cash from a structured settlement it’s hard to think of anything better, right? It’s cash that you can rely on time after time. Well, imagine using the cash you received from selling your structured settlement to pay for your education. You’d be better able to take care of yourself and your family; that’s in addition to bragging rights!

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