Win the Holidays this Year with a Structured Settlement Sale

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Remember the holidays last year? You know, where you showed up late for dinner because your car broke down on the drive over? And you’re between jobs no less? Yeah, those holidays. Even if those things didn’t happen to you exactly, it’s not uncommon for financial stress to creep up at this time of year. But no worries. You can win the holidays this time around with a little help from selling your structured settlement.

Sell Structured Settlements for Extra Holiday Cheer

And by ‘cheer’ we mean bank.

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The holidays can be expensive. CNBC reported that it would take over 5 years to pay off the average holiday tab of $1,230 making the minimum payments – including the $592 you’ll shell out in interest.
Forget debt, the best way to make it through the holidays is to earn a little extra holiday scratch.

If you’re receiving structured settlement payments, why not sell those payments and access some extra cash for the holidays and beyond? A judge will need to sign off on a structured settlement sale to make sure the transaction is in your best interest. So, selling for extra cash to buy holiday gifts is out of the question. But tackling the debt that’s been hanging over your head all year? You bet it can be handled with the sale of your payments.

Paying off debt would be just the beginning. With the lump sum you’d receive from selling your structured settlement you could purchase a house to flip. Use the funds from selling your structured settlement to buy the perfect house to purchase and then sell it at a profit. It’s a solid way to make your pockets a little fatter this season.

Here’s another idea: why not start a side hustle using the gig economy? Forbes estimates that over 50 million Americans already taking on part-time ridesharing and delivery service jobs. You too could be making bank on the side. For most gigs, such as Uber driver or Task Rabbit, a car is a requirement. Don’t have a reliable vehicle? No problem! You can sell your structured settlement and use the cash to purchase a new ride and start earning extra scratch in your spare time.

Make it Home for the Holidays – On Time

Does your muffler make it sound like you’re driving in a NASCAR race? Maybe your windows won’t go all the way up and your heat is broken, making winter driving a true life-or-death experience.

Millions of Americans lack reliable transportation but yet 100 million of us will travel this holiday season with over 90% of that travel on American roads, according to Reuters.

You need a reliable vehicle!

Don’t be the family member who shows up late with excuses, be the one who gets to pull up in their brand-new car purchased from selling structured settlement payments.

Maybe your car isn’t the problem. There might be other problems weighing on your mind that might keep you from your delicious holiday feast. Problems like…

Traffic tickets?

Driving infractions can be truly inconvenient. Well—that’s actually an understatement. In the past year, over 7 million Americans have had their drivers’ licenses revoked for unpaid traffic tickets.
Imagine having to make that call during the holidays!

If you do find yourself grappling with unpaid court fines or traffic tickets, it’s time to finally get that weight off your shoulders. Consider selling your structured settlement and using the proceeds to pay off those outstanding legal fees.

Be the Holiday Star

If you want to really impress your family this year, why not give them what they’ve always wanted – a college grad!

Be the holiday hero this year by selling your structured settlement and using the proceeds to go back to school and train for a new and better career.

Even if other family members show up and reveal amazing things happening in their lives, you can be the real star of the holidays by going to college. Selling your structured settlement and training for your dream job could be the thing you’ve been waiting for all year.

structured settlement_holiday_turkey_imageLooking for a Little Holiday Cheer? RSL Funding Can Help!

If you’re looking to make the holidays a little cheerier this year, why not learn more about how selling your structured settlement can help you accomplish that? Call RSL Funding to speak to one of our friendly Account Executives about getting the money you need to win the holidays.