Structured Settlement Lump Sum Calculator

Structured Settlement Calculator

RSL Funding’s structured settlement lump sum calculator will give you the most accurate estimate of your cash payment. No bull! If you’re receiving payments from a structured settlement, enter your details into the form, and we’ll calculate how much you can get if you were to sell your payment stream.

Truth be told: RSL will buy structured settlements with your best interest in mind, as it is one of the most experienced purchasers of structured settlement payments, annuities and lottery payments in the country! And we have an A+ rating with the BBB. We’re excited about getting you the most cash. So let’s get to it. Calculate your lump sum today!

Structured Settlements Calculator

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Why the Structured Settlement Calculator Matters

You’re receiving structured settlement payments and you’re curious as to how much your lump sum might be if you were to sell your payments (either all or some of them). You could take a wild guess…or even depend on structured settlement buyers to throw out a random number.

We’d hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these aren’t very good ways to figure out how large your lump sum of cash really might be.  A structured settlement calculator is. Most calculators break down the total structured settlement amount, the amount of your individual payments, and lastly, provide a somewhat accurate percentage of what your lump sum would be if you were to sell your payments.

RSL’s structured settlement calculator takes things a step further. After entering in your details, a human crunches the numbers, takes a look at competitor’s offers, and presents you with the largest lump sum amount possible. And if you happen to have a competitor’s offer in-hand, we’ll beat that too!

Our structured settlement lump sum calendar involves a real analysis, where we can offer you a huge lump sum of cash. In fact, our customers’ lump sum payouts are the highest in the industry, backed by our $1000 Most Cash Guarantee.* This is why a REAL structured settlement calculator matters. Calculate your lump sum today by filling out the form.

Want to skip the calculator and go straight to a call? We’re waiting by the phones. Contact RSL Funding at 800-543-6513 today.

*$1,000.00 Offer: All payment purchases are subject to meeting our underwriting and other requirements. In order to receive the $1,000.00, the following terms and conditions must be met: (i) you must provide us with a quote and disclosure statement in writing from another structured settlement payment purchasing company, signed by an authorized representative, and dated within seven business days of the date submitted to us (“Qualifying Quote”); (ii) if we are unable to beat the competitor’s quoted purchase price, we will provide you with written notice within three business days of our receipt of their Qualifying Quote; (iii) the $1,000.00 check shall be due and payable to you upon our receipt of written confirmation, satisfactory to us, of the funding of the transaction at that quoted purchase price; (iv) the funding of the Qualifying Quote must occur within ninety days after you receive written notification from us that we cannot beat their Qualifying Quote; and (v) the Qualifying Quote must meet our minimum underwriting guidelines. Limit one Qualifying Quote per transaction. Limit one $1,000.00 check per customer. Other terms and conditions may apply.

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