Steps to Getting Paid

Our ProcessIf you’re thinking of selling your structured settlement, *HIGH FIVE!* It means you’ve got a good head on your shoulders and understand the ins and outs of sound financial decision-making! Selling your structured settlement payments isn’t complicated at all, but having a trusted buyer like RSL Funding in your corner is always a good idea. Here’s a short breakdown of the selling process – and of course, if you have any lingering questions, give us a shout!

Step 1: Get a Quote.

The first step in selling your structured settlement payments is to call a structured settlement buyer like RSL Funding to get a quote. Here’s where you’ll find out how much your lump sum of cash will be if you decide to move forward. We guarantee the most cash and will beat out any competitor out there or we’ll pay you $1000*! And there are no hidden fees Give us a call at web_phone, or request a free quote online. One of our Account Executives will be in touch soon!

Step 2: Understand Your Situation.

On the call, we’ll work with you to understand why you’re looking to sell your structured settlement, and determine if selling your payments is the right way to go. Depending on your situation and financial need, you might only need to sell a portion of your payments. You’ll be able to keep the rest of your gradual payment stream intact. If on the other hand, selling all your payments makes sense, we’ll get the ball rolling on that situation too. Either way, you’ll be in good hands!

Step 3: Legal Processing.

Before the deal can be finalized, a state judge has to approve and sign off it (the judge has your best interest in mind!) We’ve worked with structured settlement cash out transactions in numerous states across the U.S. and know the ins and outs of the legal proceedings. So no worries on that front. And just a head’s up, the process takes between 45-90 days, which is the industry standard. As soon as the sale is approved, we’ll issue your lump sum of cash!

Cash for Your Structured Settlement: Documents You’ll Need

We’ll need several documents to complete the transaction. To get the deal completed as quickly as possible, we recommend that you have copies of the following paperwork on hand:

  • Settlement and release agreement
  • Annuity contract
  • Court judgment, if applicable
  • Any changes or assignment to the initial settlement
  • Various personal identification documents
  • Other documents on a case-by-case basis

RSL Funding can help you get the money you need! Call us today at web_phone to get started.