Sell Lottery Winnings

Selling Lottery Annuity

Cash In Your Lottery Payments for a Lump Sum!

Congratulations on your lottery win. You’re probably receiving regular monthly payments for your payout—a predictable, set amount that will continue to come to you for a specified amount of time. But it’s possible that you’ve found yourself in a situation where you need to get your money sooner than originally scheduled.

RSL Funding can help you get your cash winnings in a lump sum! If you qualify, we will buy your monthly scheduled payments, giving you the influx of cash you need!

Multi-year lottery payouts can be long, tedious, and they may do little to help you meet your financial obligations or reach your goals. Maybe you want to get out of debt, fund a business, or pay for medical-related expenses. Maybe you need to put money down on a reliable vehicle so you can commute back and forth to work. Maybe there’s a baby on the way. Whatever the reason, when you sell your lottery winnings or structured settlement in exchange for a lump sum is a great way to have access to your money without the fear of having to pay it back. It’s your money!

Sell Lottery Payments to RSL Funding

Every person and situation is unique we will work with you to determine if selling your lottery or prize winnings makes sense. A judge will make the final call, but RSL Funding will be first in line to discuss all your options.

RSL Funding is one of the fastest-growing structured settlement companies in the nation, paying out millions of dollars to customers each year. RSL Funding isn’t a broker. We use our own cash to close the deal and have a dedicated and expert staff on hand to ensure you get the highest amount when you sell lottery payments, annuity, or structured settlement to us.

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