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Flashy ads, jingles and other gimmicks has never been our thing. Instead we put our customers first. We have built a reputation on exceptional service and providing the most value for customers with structured settlements, annuities, and lottery winnings. Instead of big advertising campaigns, we put money into the pockets of our customers when they sell their long-term payments for a lump sum. As a seller, it is your money. This is not a loan so you don’t have to pay it back!

RSL Funding. About RSL Funding RSL Funding is a standout in the industry: We are a structured settlement funding company that is not a broker, but a principal settlement company that uses its own money to fund larger lump sums to people who want to sell their future periodic payments. For added financial security, we are also affiliated with A.M.Y. Property & Casualty Insurance Corporation, a captive insurance company, so our customers never have to wait on a 3rd party company to fund lump sum payments. We also have an in-house talent pool of professionals looking out for you and providing great services to ensure your cash is delivered quickly and efficiently.

Need more proof? See what our customers are saying.

Instead of waiting for payments to trickle in over time, RSL Funding has made it easy for you to sell all or part of your future payments for a large immediate cash amount. Customers use the money to pay off debt, buy a home or a reliable vehicle, and so much more.

We will get you on the road to getting your money faster, with a lump sum that is sure to change your life for the better! Headquartered in Houston, Texas, we serve customers across the United States.

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Our founder, Stewart A. Feldman is a forward thinker with an impressive tax, legal, financial and accounting background in public accounting that spans over 30 years. As a corporate lawyer and former CPA, he has the relevant knowledge and expertise needed to examine and evaluate other companies and their practices.

Back in 2003, Mr. Feldman noticed several big funding companies luring people in with their advertising, but ultimately only paying their customers a fraction of what he thought was fair. Money was being thrown at TV commercials and gimmicks…bad customer reviews and lawsuits plagued the industry as well.

So Mr. Feldman set out to change the game.

He started RSL Funding with a very important purpose: to change the structured settlement funding business to better serve customers by providing them with more money and efficient service. Mr. Feldman was able to draw upon years of experience on the business side of things. He tapped into his financial and legal expertise and his experiences as a principal in various business transactions. He also was steadfast in bringing awareness to the industry, bringing bad business practices out into the open.

In the years since its founding, RSL Funding has made a big impact by providing over $200 million in lump sum payouts to thousands of customers while still providing top-notch customer service. With an A+ rating with the BBB, RSL Funding has set a new standard for the way selling structured settlements, annuities and lottery winnings should be done – with professionalism, great customer service and the highest possible lump sum payouts.

Our founder set the tone for a different kind of funding company and our Account Executives strive to uphold the value he built in RSL Funding.




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