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6 Ways Selling Your Structured Settlement Makes You A Boss


Are you ready to be a boss? As in your own boss; someone who takes control of their future and starts their own business? If so, selling a structured settlement can provide the funds you need to make it over the initial hurdles all new businesses face.

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It’s Home Buying Time – 5 Things to Do Before Making an Offer

If you have a structured settlement in place – RIGHT ON. You’re in a perfect position to sell your structured settlement payments for a lump sum and use the cash to buy a new home. It’s the American dream, after all!

But let’s get serious for a minute. Selling your gradual payments is how you get the lump sum you need so you can be financially set to pursue your home-buying dreams!

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Paying Off the Debt Monster w/ a Structured Settlement Lump Sum

Structured Settlement
The money’s trickling in – but so are the bills! Being unable to get them paid is almost always a scary thought. But selling your structured settlement for a lump sum is an amazing way to keep the debt monster at bay.

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What the Best Structured Settlement Payout Companies Have in Common

Structured Settlement Payout Companies

There are certain characteristics that the best structured settlement payout companies have in common. Before choosing a structured settlement payout company, make sure you carefully consider the following list of attributes they share.

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Pre Settlement Funding Woes and How to Avoid Them

Waiting for a settlement while your case works its way through the court system can seem like an eternity, especially if your bills continue to pile up while you wait. At the time, pre settlement funding may seem like a viable option, but it has many disadvantages that many pre settlement sellers aren’t aware of until it’s too late.

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Moving? A Bigger Structured Settlement Buyout Is Key

Structured Settlement Buyout

Are you anticipating a big move in the future? While moving to a new place – whether across the street or across the country – is exciting, it is also a huge expense having many unexpected costs that pop up along the way. Pursuing a structured settlement buyout before your big move can get you the cash you need to ensure your move is as successful and easy as possible, with plenty of financial cushion. If you’re currently receiving payments, a lump sum might be the way to go.

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How Can I Avoid Bankruptcy?

How Can I Avoid Bankruptcy


Are your bills piling up? Have things gotten so bad that you can’t see foresee a time where you will ever be debt-free? You might be at a loss, asking yourself “How can I avoid bankruptcy?” Luckily, there’s hope if you’re currently receiving payments from a structured settlement or annuity. 

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Sell Your Structured Settlement and Show Credit Card Debt Who’s Boss

Sell Your Structured Settlement


Credit card debt can sneak up on you, and quickly. Unexpected expenses such as emergency medical treatment, a broken down car, or even small purchases that add up can all wreak havoc on your credit card debt and credit score. If you sell your structured settlement, you can alleviate credit card debt, get your life back, and start on your way to rebuilding your credit score.

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Sell Annuity Payments and Save Money: Your Winter To-Do List!

Sell Annuity Payments


Winter is almost here and along with it comes cold weather and the holidays – two things that can quickly break a budget. While winter can be challenging financially, you can ease the burden if you sell annuity payments for a much needed cash boost right when you need it and follow the tips outlined in this article for saving money this winter.

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JG Wentworth’s Shareholders Want Their Money, and They Want It Now

Structured settlement and annuity buyer JG Wentworth, creator of the ubiquitous slogan “It’s my money and I want it now,” finds itself faced with a declining stock price following duplicitous market practices that have caused customers to lose faith in the once industry-leading settlement buying company.

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Pay IRS Debt with a Lump Sum. Be Your Own Superhero!

If you’re one of the millions of Americans struggling with tax debt, we have some great news for you: structured settlements are awarded tax-free and the lump sum you receive can be used to pay IRS debt! You can be your own superhero and rescue yourself from debt once and for all.

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Structured Settlement Buyout: They’re Doing It Wrong

Structured Settelement Buyouts
If you’ve ever received a quote from a company wanting to buy structured settlements and thought to yourself, “Is this it?” you’re not alone. Many people looking for a structured settlement buyout have been disappointed with their quote, but chose to go through with the sale anyway believing it was their only option.

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Life Goals: Go Back To School by Selling Your Structured Settlement Payments

Selling your Structured Settlement payments

Most life goals require you to have cash in your pocket in order to achieve them. Selling your structured settlement payments is a great way to fund all of the milestones that will help you get there. That’s why we created this life goals series, focusing on some of the most common life goals that people just like you are striving for. In the series, we’ll tell you the ins and outs of how selling your structured settlement payments could help you finance those goals, without the usual hassle of a loan.

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After the Accident: Selling Your Structured Settlement

You’ve already done the hard part – You’ve filed a claim after your car accident and are now receiving payments from your structured settlement. Good news! …Right? Well, maybe not. The payments you’re receiving probably aren’t enough to really help you achieve (and fund) your life goals. Enter RSL Funding. If you’re currently receiving payments, we’ll buy your structured settlement and in exchange, provide you with a large lump sum of cash!

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Sell Structured Settlement Payments Like a Pro

Sell Structured Settlement PaymentsQuick – answer this question: what’s the best decision you’ve made in your life? Marriage? Your job? If you’re one of the millions of Americans receiving structured payments, the decision to sell structured settlement payments could be one of the best life choices you’ll ever make.

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