Extra Cash Rewards

Extra Cash Rewards with RSL FundingWho wouldn’t want some extra cash? RSL Funding offers amazing cash rewards related to the sale of structured settlements and annuities. And there’s more than one way to earn!   New and repeat customers alike can earn money on top of their lump sum – we’re excited about getting you the most cash for your settlement PLUS these great cash rewards.   Ready to pocket $500…or more? Check out these amazing ways to get cash:

Most Cash Guarantee

RSL Funding will give you the most money for your structured settlement, guaranteed. In fact, we’ll beat any competitor’s quote or we’ll pay you $1000*.  Sell your structured settlement payments now for a huge lump sum of cash!

Refer a Friend Bonus

Do you know someone who’s receiving payments from a structured settlement or annuity? Refer them to RSL Funding—if they sell their payments for a lump sum, you’ll make a cool $500**. It’s a great way to make cash and ensure your friend or family member gets the most cash for their settlement.

Repeat Customer Bonus

If you’ve sold a portion of your structured settlement to RSL Funding in the past, you’re in for a special bonus. You’ve worked with RSL before, so you know you’re getting the best deal on the sale of your structured settlement or annuity. Let’s do it again. Sell more of your structured settlement payments today and pocket an extra $1000*** on top of your lump sum!