J.G. Wentworth; The Godzilla of Structured Settlements


They’re Baaaa-aaaack

The pictures lining the walls in your living room are shaking, the speakers in your television have reached capacity, and your nerves are nearly shot – they’re back. After a second bankruptcy since 2009, J.G. Wentworth – the Godzilla of structured settlements – is back at it; making big claims of large lump sums for structured settlement payments, but not following through. Though the most recent Godzilla movies portray the harrowing beast as a good guy, the Godzillas of old sing a different tune. And it seems that J.G. Wentworth is singing along…. We can all agree that we’d rather avoid another unwanted sequel.

J.G. Wentworth: Quantity Over Quality

We all remember them; it’s hard to forget poor quality on that scale. The commercials aired on every channel, at every break.

They were obnoxious at best with people screaming operatic overtures into our living rooms. The simple truth is that J.G. Wentworth conducts their business in that same overbearing way.

The Wentworth corporation spends an eye-popping $48 million in advertising annually (the last report we pulled was from 2017). It’s money that could have gone to customers who’ve sold their structured settlements. But keeping their “brand” top-of-mind has continually outweighed Wentworth’s substantive commitment to customers.

Bad Business Tactics

Much like Godzilla, JG Wentworth is loud and outlandish. They bully people into bad deals. According to complaints logged with the Better Business Bureau, “they continue to harass via email, postal mail, texts, and by phone.”

Even worse, other complainants’ detail short payments on their structured settlements. Remember, they’ve gone bankrupt twice since 2009, so they’re going to do all they can to save face. So, for someone who’s looking to sell structured settlement payments – perhaps for furthering their education, paying bills, or purchasing a home – the question becomes;

What are the options?

Unlike the movies, you don’t need to call Godzilla, sound the air raid siren, and run for a bunker. If you have structured settlements, annuities, and lottery payments, and you’d like to sell them without the hassles of dealing with Godzilla, we’ll cover a few tips to consider when you need cash for your structured settlement.

Avoiding the Wentworth Onslaught

Contacting J.G. Wentworth or its other brands, Peachtree, Stone Street, and Olive Branch, might stimulate an unrelenting onslaught of calls, emails, and more. If there’s one thing we don’t look forward to, it’s a mailbox full of junk.

With one simple phone call, you could face a lifetime of it. Many of the complaints associated with the Wentworth Corporation stem from unwanted communications – from phone calls to letters to emails. The best way to thwart the onslaught is to avoid contact with them altogether.

At RSL Funding, communications are friendly and productive; there’s a purpose. Our experienced representatives understand that people have busy lives; when you’re considering the sale of a structured settlement, think of RSL first.

Setting the Tone

Many of the commercials from factoring companies like J.G. Wentworth are revealing; they paint the prospective clientele as people who are ignorant and desperate. This is a theme that is continued in the dialogue and negotiations.

More often than not, representatives will dominate conversation – they think that the prospective client won’t negotiate for a better deal or explore competitive offers.

It’s important that when you’re approaching something as delicate as selling payments of any sort, you take control of the dialogue and set the tone. Don’t be afraid to let them know that you’re exploring options that work for you at pace that works for you.

Negotiations: Your Best Weapon Against the Beast

If you’re considering selling a structured settlement payment, part of the reasoning behind moving at a comfortable pace is to allow for negotiation. Many structured settlement companies have little interest in negotiating; they often offer unreasonably low payouts and ultimately, they want their lowball offer to stick.

The best ource of action is to take your time and entertain multiple offers from multiple sources. We can all use money for one reason or another and the common temptation is to take it when the opportunity presents itself. But with regards to selling structured settlements, it’s important to slow down and entertain multiple offers.

However, pay attention to where the offers come from; Remember – J.G. Wentworth will often mask themselves as other “brands.” Even when you’re getting competitive offers, you could be getting them from Godzilla themselves.

At RSL Funding, we offer the Most Cash, guaranteed.

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Many people with structured settlements consider furthering their education, purchasing a home, or paying bills before the payment is scheduled. These are important life decisions; choosing the right structured settlement company is crucial to taking that step.

If you have a structured settlement, annuity, or lottery payments and you’d like to talk about your options, don’t call Godzilla – go with your gut. RSL doesn’t engage in the shady rip off tactics that are commonplace in the industry.

It is easier than you might think to sell your structured settlement. RSL Funding will buy all of – or a percentage of – your total settlement award.

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