RSL Funding Announces ‘Imagine’ Scholarship Winner

We are pleased to announce the sole winner of RSL Funding’s ‘Imagine’ Scholarship: Shelby Morrow from Southaven, Mississippi! Out of hundreds of essays received, Shelby’s submission was exemplary. Her essay detailed a solid, well-constructed investment strategy, which addressed short and long-term financial and personal goals.

By way of background, scholarship hopefuls were asked to construct a sound financial and investment plan they would utilize if they were to hypothetically be awarded a structured settlement. The payment structure would be $2,500/month for 30 years. In the essay, students would also need account for a hypothetical debt of $50,000. Enthusiastic students from colleges across the U.S. set out to explain what they would do with their cash and why.

All applicants were tasked to think critically, and answer the following questions:

1. Would you sell your future structured settlement payments to a company such as RSL Funding, in exchange for a discounted lump sum, or would you rather collect your monthly payments over 30 years? Why would you choose one method over the other?

2. How would you manage your wealth effectively? Provide examples.

3. What investment strategy would you implement to help meet current and future financial goals such as buying a house, going to school, paying off debt, etc.?

4. Finally, what advice would you give others to help them achieve their financial goals?

Shelby Morrow wrote that she would sell her structured settlement for a lump sum; a smart decision that would bring her immediate and eventual success. Shelby drew elements from her own life to demonstrate how she would achieve her goals, make her lump sum work for her, and tackle the hefty debt. She explained that she knew from a young age that she wanted to graduate from college – but due to her financial circumstances, couldn’t pursue this life-long dream until she was well into adulthood. Shelby used this as the backdrop for her financial plan.

Many people who decide to sell their structured settlements, annuities, or lottery winnings for a lump sum will use their cash for a variety of other life goals. These might include purchasing a home, a reliable vehicle, starting a business, or paying off debt.

Shelby would use her lump sum of cash from the sale to fund her long-awaited college education. Without this influx of funding, she would have otherwise not been able to easily reach her goal. This was evident in the way she described her methodology for tackling her debt and going back to school. Shelby described in vivid detail her plan to start a business and improve her credit rating. Major purchases such as a starter home, a forever home, and two family vehicles were added to the mix. Shelby also described her savings plan – one that would benefit her life and the lives of her family members in the years to come. She described her journey as “an all-around victory” for her and her family; the ability to rise above her circumstances and be smart about her finances.

Finally, Shelby advised others to create a plan that will allow goals to come to fruition: “As far as finances, take it one step at a time. If you start out small, you will make it to where you want to be in life.”

The essays were evaluated on key criteria, including:

  • Demonstration of Effective Financial Management – Are your financial and investment strategies sound? Have you provided clear examples of effective money management?
  • Spelling and Grammar – Were there any mistakes?
  • Creativity – What makes the way you’ve chosen to spend your money unique or notable?
  • Thoroughness – Did you fully explain why you would spend your money in the way you’ve chosen?
  • Organization – Is the essay clear, organized, and easy to read?

We congratulate Shelby Morrow and thank all of our applicants to this year’s ‘Imagine’ Scholarship.

RSL Funding is committed to helping those who have won a structured settlement, annuity, or lottery winnings gain financial independence. RSL Funding uses its own capital to fund larger lump sums to people who want to sell their future periodic payments. Its principal owners have disseminated more than $65 million in funding to help individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals. RSL Funding pays the Most Cash for structured settlements, annuities, and lottery winnings, guaranteed. If not, we’ll pay you $1000*.

The ‘Imagine’ Scholarship is just one more way RSL Funding gives back to the community.

To learn more about RSL Funding and the ways people are using their lump sums, please visit our online Info Center.