Flippin’ Awesome – How One Customer Used His Lump Sum to Flip Homes

Flippin' Awesome

Pick your HGTV ® poison. Flip or Flop, The Property Brothers…they all make flipping homes look incredibly easy. It’s anything but, especially when you consider the initial costs of a home, renovations, and even marketing. For those unfamiliar, the practice of “flipping” involves purchasing a home valued low, and then selling it at a profit, most times after investing in some top-notch renovations to attract buyers. Flipping homes has become big business, with people resting on their laurels and real estate know-how to create amazing living spaces.

One of RSL Funding’s customers, Omar R., is a self-made real estate guru in his own right, having sold his structured settlement payments for a lump sum with the intention of starting his own home-flipping operation. The goal was to purchase a single home to kick things off, renovate it, and then sell it at a profit (more home purchases would soon be on the horizon). But he knew he needed substantial startup capital to bring his plan to fruition.

Omar had been receiving regular payments from his settlement when he set out to sell his future payments for a large lump sum of cash. Before embarking, Omar did his due diligence, re-assessing firms he was already familiar with – aka, ones he had seen ads for on TV. Omar saw pretty quickly that catchy jingles and cheesy advertising didn’t hold a candle to RSL Funding, where he’d get the Most Cash for his settlement*. He reached out to RSL for a quote and learned the company would offer thousands more for his settlement than any other company out there. He also discovered that RSL Funding had been successful in providing much-needed funds to people who wanted to take their financial situations up a notch.

Fast forward a few weeks and Omar was successful in purchasing his first fixer-upper. Way to go, Omar!

From there, he sought out the best contractors; experts in home renos. He eventually found his go-to “reno guy” to handle the intricacies of transforming fixer-uppers into dream homes. This contractor essentially acts as an “all-in-one” service that makes his reno operations that much smoother. But before anyone puts a hammer to a nail and before any transactions are completed, Omar and his partner inspect the home and assess whether it is a sure bet. This is just one of many jobs Omar takes on to ensure his business is successful. With hard work, diligence, and the help of a sizeable lump sum payment, his business has continued to flourish.

We applaud Omar R. for his dedication in making his lump sum work for him. It’s the kind of story that fully demonstrates how selling a future payment stream for a lump sum can jump-start a business and position it for success. So watch out HGTV ® …Omar is on his way!

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