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Why Sell Lottery Winnings?

Real people win the lottery every day and annuity payments are often a great option for them; the winnings are paid out over time. Rather than take a lump sum directly from lottery commissions, they opt for the slow and steady pace of an annuity. But many lottery winners might at some point, need more of a financial boost—selling periodic payments for a lump sum can be a great option to help buy a home, further education, or pay off some debt.

Enter the ‘RSL Funding Roundup!’ We’re here to help people sell lottery winnings for the Most Cash. This isn’t our first rodeo by any stretch of the imagination – we’ve been helping winners get the highest lump sums possible for their periodic payments for years. It’s your time to saddle up and sell your jackpot winnings; it can change your life for the better.

After all – we’ve all heard stories of lottery winners going broke after just a few years; that huge pile of cash hit their account and before they knew it, their wells ran dry.

But there are other stories of folks who’ve used their lottery winnings to change their lives for the better. Unlike those who’ve spent recklessly, many winners were simply looking for a life change…Take Neal for example.

He Bought a Ticket on an Old Town Road

Before Neal Wanless played the lottery in 2009, he was a struggling rancher in Todd County, North Dakota who simply wanted to climb out of debt. He was behind on his taxes and couldn’t afford even the most basic of repairs on his ranch. He just didn’t have enough money to do anything about it. He tried different things like selling scrap metal to make extra money but still – the struggle continued.

One morning while driving his pickup down an old town road (pun intended), Neal decided to pull off and buy a lottery ticket. He spent five dollars that morning and won somewhere near $88.5 million.

But instead of buying diamond-encrusted chaps – and as a cowboy, he could have pulled it off – he decided to pay off his debts and continue working the ranch; he intends to ride ‘till he can’t no more.’

Neal cleared himself of debt and now, he’s got no stress; he’s like a Marlboro Man kickin’ on back and enjoying life.

And you can too…

Neal was able to save his ranch with a lump sum payment. Having an influx of cash just makes sense if you’ve got big goals to achieve. Selling lottery annuity payments for a lump sum is a great way to access larger amounts of money, rather than waiting for smaller payments paid out over months or years.

Many people take an annuity when they first win the lottery (nobody wants to be flat broke two years after winning a major jackpot). But as time passes, things happen! Selling lottery annuity payments for a lump sum could be the thing that helps you get to the next level – whether you’re a rancher, cowboy, or anything else.

Sell Lottery Payments; Accomplish Life Goals!

Maybe you want to get out of debt, fund a business, or maybe you want to buy a ranch. Bottom line, you’re probably going to need money to tackle some of these life goals. If you’re receiving lottery payments, you may be eligible to sell your payments for a lump sum of cash.

Ultimately, a judge will make the final decision as to whether or not it is in your best interest to sell your lottery payments. When they do, RSL Funding will be there (we’ll give you the most cash for your payments, guaranteed or we’ll pay you $1000*).

Multi-year lottery payouts can be long, tedious, and they may do little to help you in your current situation.

If you need to sell your lottery, annuity, or structured settlement payments now for a huge lump sum of cash, become a part of the ‘RSL Funding Roundup.’ The RSL team is standing by. Call web_phone now. We’re looking forward to speaking with you.

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