$5000 Imagine Scholarship

1/30/19 – We are proud to announce that Shelby Morrow from Southaven, MS has won RSL Funding’s ‘Imagine’ Scholarship. Read about it on our blog.

1/2/19 Update – The last date for scholarship entries was 12/31/18. Scholarship entries are no longer being accepted. We expect to notify the scholarship winner on or about 1/31/19.

Imagine what you could do…

RSL Funding, LLC is offering one lucky student a chance to win up to $5000 for school tuition during 2019. You can win RSL Funding’s $5000 Imagine Scholarship by detailing a sound financial and investment plan you’d utilize if you were awarded a structured settlement. Complete the steps listed below for your chance to win.

1. Draft an Essay

Imagine what you could do… You’ve won a lawsuit, and have been awarded a structured settlement which pays you $2,500/month for 30 years. You’re also $50,000 in debt. In 750 – 1500 words, please explain what you’d do with your cash and why. In your essay, answer the following questions using critical thinking:

    1. Would you sell your future structured settlement payments to a company such as RSL Funding, in exchange for a discounted lump sum, or would you rather collect your monthly payments over 30 years? Why would you choose one method over the other?
    2. How would you manage your wealth effectively? Provide examples.
    3. What investment strategy would you implement to help meet current and future financial goals such as buying a house, going to school, paying off debt, etc.?
    4. Finally, what advice would you give others to help them achieve their financial goals?

Flex your creative and financial muscles and be sure to be thorough in your responses! The more details you provide, the better.

How RSL Funding Will Score the Essay

Our judges will grade entries using the following criteria:

  • Demonstration of Effective Financial Management – Are your financial and investment strategies sound? Have you provided clear examples of effective money management?
  • Spelling and Grammar – Were there any mistakes?
  • Creativity – What makes the way you’ve chosen to spend your money unique or notable?
  • Thoroughness – Did you fully explain why you would spend your money in the way you’ve chosen?
  • Organization – Is the essay clear, organized, and easy to read?

2. Draft a Short Bio

In addition to your essay, please write a short paragraph about yourself. Please include your intended major, your interests, or any other interesting facts. This bio does NOT count toward the 750-1500-word count required for the essay, nor will it be scored.

3. Finally, Upload Your Bio and Essay

Fill out the form with your contact info, essay, and bio by 12/31/2018. It’s that simple!

4. We’ll Notify the Winner

Once the submission period has ended, our judges will review each essay and select ONE winner no later than 1/31/2019. The winner will be emailed and/or called to be notified on or around that date. We’ll need the winner to send us proof of enrollment at this time (please see Terms and Conditions below) and a personal photo. Thereafter, we’ll share the good news on social media!

5. We’ll Send up to $5000 to Your School

Once we notify the winner, we’ll send a certified check for $5000 to the winner’s school to be used towards the winner’s tuition.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a US Citizen or permanent resident
  • Must be currently enrolled or in the enrollment process at an accredited university, college, or trade school within the United States
  • Limited to one (1) entry per person
  • RSL Funding’s employees and contractors and their immediate families are NOT eligible for entry

About RSL Funding

RSL Funding LLC is a financial services company providing monetary lump sums to customers who want to sell annuity, structured settlement or lottery payments in exchange for a discounted lump sum. Since its founding, RSL Funding has sought to change the structured settlement funding industry for the better by providing larger payouts and excellent service. RSL Funding offers the most cash, guaranteed, or we’ll pay you $1000**. For more information, call web_phone.

*Terms and Conditions

RSL Funding’s $5000 Imagine Scholarship (“Scholarship”) is open to students maintaining full time or part-time enrollment in an accredited college or university in the United States. All submissions must be received by 12/31/2018 to be considered. All submissions become property of RSL Funding. All information submitted in connection with the scholarship can be used in any manner by RSL Funding on the web or in print. You certify that you have the right to assign ownership of the content you submit to RSL Funding.

The awarding of your scholarship is based on the information that you provide. You may become ineligible to win the scholarship in the sole discretion of RSL Funding, at any time and for any reason including if you provide incorrect, false or misleading information or withhold required information. This includes circumstances where the false information is unrelated to the assessment in awarding the scholarship. You are required to repay your scholarship within 4 weeks of receiving notice from RSL Funding. This will occur if:

    • the payment is made to you in error
      • you have been overpaid
    • you are no longer enrolled in the semester when the scholarship is paid
    • you do not meet the conditions of the scholarship or are ineligible for the scholarship (including situations where you have provided false information)

RSL Funding determines the winner at its sole discretion; judges are comprised of RSL Funding employees and contractors. RSL Funding will notify the winner by 1/31/19.

Total scholarship amount covers one semester, equal to that semester’s tuition fee up to $5000 and will be paid directly to the winner’s school of choice via a certified check or wire transfer. Winner must submit proof of enrollment showing tuition fee to RSL Funding for tuition to be paid (this can include transcript, tuition bill, or other document having the required information). Send proof of enrollment to RSL Funding, LLC, 1980 Post Oak Blvd., Houston, TX 77056. Or, via email (email address will be sent to the winner by 1/31/2019). RSL Funding may contact the college or university directly to verify enrollment.

After winner is notified of scholarship award, RSL Funding will send the certified check or wire transfer to the winner’s school along with a donor letter. The donor letter will contain information about the scholarship, the student’s name and his/her student number. The scholarship covers tuition only and does not cover student housing, books, or other items.

Limit one scholarship offer per person. This offer is not applicable to prior transactions with RSL Funding and may not be combined with any other offer. RSL Funding may decide to cancel this contest for any reason or no reason. RSL Funding reserves the right to contact you directly via email, phone, or text to communicate information about the scholarship or other matter. RSL Funding employees, contractors, and their family members are not eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship is void where prohibited by law, and is subject to all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Other restrictions may apply. For questions, call RSL Funding at web_phone.

**All payment purchases are subject to meeting our underwriting and other requirements. In order to receive the $1,000, the following terms and conditions must be met: (i) you must provide us with a quote in writing from another structured settlement payment purchasing company, signed by an authorized representative, and dated within three business days of the date submitted to us (“Qualifying Quote”); (ii) if we are unable to beat the competitor’s quoted purchase price, we will provide you with written notice within three business days of our receipt of their Qualifying Quote; (iii) the $1,000 check shall be due and payable to you upon our receipt of written confirmation, satisfactory to us, of the funding of the transaction at that quoted purchase price; and (iv) the funding of the Qualifying Quote must occur within ninety days after you receive written notification from us that we cannot beat their Qualifying Quote. Limit one counter offer per customer. Other terms and conditions may apply. Call for further terms and conditions.