Sell Structured Settlements

Are You Currently Receiving Monthly Payments From Your Structured Settlement?

Sell Structured SettlementsWhen you win a personal injury or wrongful death case, the awarded money is often paid in gradual installments known as a structured settlement. But what if a hardship arises—how can you access your awarded money exactly when you need it? You have already won the money and it’s a guaranteed resource, right? Of course.

Sell structured settlements to RSL Funding and get the money you need fast. It’s not a loan and you won’t have to pay the money back. Better still, selling your structured settlement will not affect your credit. We’ll talk with you and reach a mutual agreement about whether you want a lump sum or larger chunks, faster.

We have refined the process of getting cash to customers quickly and efficiently. Our on-hand capital enables us to give a cash advance, even while the approval of the structured settlement purchase is still pending. Many of our customers are those who have found other settlement companies unable to finalize their transfers. We pick up where those other companies fall short. RSL Funding’s affiliated legal department allows us to speed up the purchase of your settlement.

We can get you immediate cash for collateral. It’s just one of the reasons more customers have chosen RSL Funding over any other financial services firm.

Ready to sell your structured settlement? Call now at 800-543-6513 or fill out the short form on the left.

Easy to Sell Structured Settlements

It is easier than you might think to sell structured settlements. RSL Funding will essentially buy a small percentage of your total settlement award. In exchange, you can get all or some of your payment up front. We’ll put in the paperwork so you can get access to your award money faster.

How to Sell Structured Settlement or Annuities

To sell structured settlements to RSL Funding, the best structured settlement buyout company in U.S., complete our Quote Request form or call our toll-free phone number. Our representative will complete the form for you over the phone.

Your Account Executive will provide a quote to you within the very same business day explaining how much we will pay you,

If you accept our quote, we will ask you to complete a short Application which you will sign and return, with the requested attachments.

The following documents are typically required to process the purchase of a settlement or an annuity:

  • Copy of the settlement and release agreement
  • Copy of the annuity contract
  • Copy of the court judgment, if applicable
  • Copy of any changes or assignments to the initial settlement
  • Copy of various personal identification documents (refer to application)
  • Other documents on a case-by-case basis


If the application is completed in its entirety and all requested attachments are received, RSL Funding will start the due diligence process.

After the assignment of your settlement or annuity payments to RSL Funding is complete (which may take a few weeks) we will pay you the total lump sum quoted, less the advanced amount.

Beyond the Fine Print

RSL Funding is committed to giving you all the information you need to know before making any decisions regarding your structured settlement, annuity, or lottery winnings. In general, by selling your payments, you have decided to have access to more of your award money at a greater rate than the court award schedule in return for giving some of that money to a structured settlement company, like RSL Funding.

Before you can sell your structured settlement, be sure that you have full legal right to do so, because oftentimes, the insurance companies involved maintain control of those rights.

When and if you do decide the need is great enough to warrant selling your structured settlement, seek information from a proven, trusted buyer. Choose to do business with the buyer that gives you the fairest quote and the most attentive service.

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