Below are a few testimonials from recent customers who received lump sum payments through RSL Funding for their structured settlements, annuities and lottery winnings.

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Communication and Respect

I have done business with RSL Funding 4 times before and each time the process was smooth. I was guided the whole way by my account representative on what was needed from me. Updates on my case were communicated to me in a timely manner. I was treated well and felt as though RSL Funding worked efficiently together to speed up the process the best way they could. I am happy that I have the money to have my car fixed. – T. Davis, New Orleans, LA

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RSL Worked Hard for my Money 

I worked with RSL 3 times before. I continue to do business with RSL because of their excellent service. They have good contacts with many of the attorneys and judges, which made it faster to get a court date. All of my questions were answered in a timely manner. RSL has experience and they know what they are doing. They don’t have any extra fees. I didn’t feel like they were trying to nickel and dime me. They worked hard for me to get my money on time so I did not lose my home. – M. Lopez, Greensboro, NC

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Prompt Responses

My overall experience with RSL Funding was indisputably positive because I would always have a prompt response on any updates when asked. The account executive would call me from time to time to keep me updated and let me know if there was anything else she needed from me to keep moving the process forward.  I was able to get my money on time to make a down payment on a new home.  I plan on doing business with RSL Funding again in the near future. – C. Baker, College Station, TX 

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Genuinely Good Experience

I had a genuinely good experience with RSL Funding. The team was helpful and guided me through the process. The account executive who was handling my case responded to my questions on any updates in a timely manner. I am happy that I now have the money needed to pay for my daughter’s college expenses. – R. Adams, Uvalde, TX 

Sell Structured SettlementsExemplary Professionalism

Just a note of sincere appreciation for the way RSL Funding handled my settlement. From beginning to end, the team was available to answer any and all questions. When I became a little discouraged throughout this whole process, the team’s assurances were very helpful and encouraging. Their professionalism over these past few months has been exemplary. You can be assured that I will put these funds to good use. Thank you! – A. Resine, Houston, TX

Buy Structured SettlementsRSL Funding Came to My Rescue

I saw a Peachtree commercial and called to sell a portion of my annuity. Peachtree totally took advantage of my lack of knowledge in this field. RSL provided me with a much better deal.  They explained the whole process in detail. RSL helped me get out of the horrible deal Peachtree tried to get me to do.  They gave me updates throughout the process. I would HIGHLY recommend RSL Funding LLC to anyone who is considering selling all or a portion of their annuity.  – A. Morgan, College Station, TX

Structured Settlement Lump SumRSL Funding Really Is the Best in the Business

I would like to thank RSL Funding for helping me through all my transactions. I decided to go with them after being offered more money. They were very prompt in getting me the money as soon as possible. Thanks RSL Funding for all your help in making my transactions quick and easy. – P. Camacho, Austin, TX

Structured Settlement CashGood Luck Can Happen

My husband and I won $5 million dollars in the Texas state lottery drawing. Together we agreed to take an annuity. At first the monthly installment was absolutely great. Right when I got pregnant, Marc lost his job. We decided to sell our annuity to help with expenses. We filled out the contact form on the RSL Funding site. Within an hour of filling out the form, we received a call from an RSL representative. RSL made us feel like our needs were a top priority. – J. Johnson, Houston, TX

Sell My Structured SettlementYou Saved My House and Truck

RSL Funding has been a lifesaver for me and my family. Because of them, I was able to keep my house, my truck, and get myself out of debt. The account executive was very helpful and understanding of my needs and the needs of my family. I will forever be grateful towards RSL. – D. Garcia, Houston, TX

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I Sold My Structured Settlement to Continue My Education

I dreamed of becoming a lawyer. But while attending college I was struck by a drunk driver. After pursuing legal action, I began receiving a structured settlement for my accident. I still wanted to attend law school. Then, with the consent of my parents, I decided to sell my structured settlement. My dad found RSL Funding and was impressed with their responsiveness. With my lump sum I was able to attend law school and make my family proud. – E. Fallon, El Paso, TX

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RSL Funding Was Better and Faster Than the Other Guys

I was in a transaction with J. G. Wentworth for the sum of $5,000.00. As it went on, I was told that my take home pay would only be $2,800.00. I then canceled the transaction approximately a year or so ago. I have since then started a transaction with RSL Funding, and at this point am very satisfied. My take home will be $5,000.00 with no other fees attached, presently or in the future. – J. Broussard, Tampa, FL

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You Went Above and Beyond

I was contacted by RSL Funding and was offered an extremely good deal. I contacted JG Wentworth and told them RSL Funding gave me a better deal. First, thing they did was bad mouth RSL Funding and I was put off by the unprofessional manner they tried to keep me as a customer. On my court day JG Wentworth showed up to and tried to intervene my transfer with RSL. They were trying to pressure me to stop my deal with RSL at court. I was very impressed with the way RSL Funding handled my case. RSL fought very hard at the hearing to give me the best deal. – B. Huo, College Station, TX

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Fast and Helpful

I was thrilled that I could get more than Novation offered. I felt I was being taken advantage of by Novation at that point and signed up with RSL Funding. They were fast and extremely helpful. I will definitely use RSL Funding for my next transfer! – D. Williams, Phoenix, AZ

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