Paying Off the Debt Monster w/ a Structured Settlement Lump Sum

Structured Settlement
The money’s trickling in – but so are the bills! Being unable to get them paid is almost always a scary thought. But selling your structured settlement for a lump sum is an amazing way to keep the debt monster at bay.

Consider the facts, ladies and gentlemen:

Credit cards: You’re likely paying your bills, piece-mail. Month after month, you’re shelling out enough to meet the minimums, while (perhaps) paying a little more to handle the base. But goll-y, the interest on credit cards can be 15, 20, even 30%. Selling your structured settlement would handle your credit debt in one fell swoop. Be gone credit debt monster!

Medical debt: This is a tough one. In the U.S., medical costs are often sky high…even with insurance. From preventative meds, to after-care therapy, out-of-pocket costs can stress anyone out. Having a lump sum to pay off medical bills can alleviate stress…so patients can focus on healing.

New car debt: It’s always a great feeling when you drive your new (or gently used) car off the lot. But then, your first bill makes its way into the mailbox. Bummer. In most situations, it’s going to be 32…48…60…78 months of this. If you have a payment stream coming in from a structured settlement or annuity, you can pay off your vehicle debt, pronto. And breathe in that new car smell. *sniff, sniff*

Mortgages/rent: You’ve gotta live somewhere right? Mortgages and rents can get out of control if payments aren’t made when they’re due. Housing debt can lead to court appearances, ruined credit, and even foreclosures. Having a trusted factoring company buy your structured settlement can leave you with a pot of cash that can alleviate your debt. In this situation, your dwelling can remain the sweet home that it is.

Tax debt: It’s never fun to be scrutinized by the IRS. If you’re working, your paychecks could be garnished, and if you wait long enough to pay off your tax debt, interest and fees could stack up. If you have federal or state tax obligations, it’s best to resolve them quickly. Selling your structured settlement payments is a great way to keep Uncle Sam from knocking on your proverbial door.

In general, unmanageable debt can truly seem like a monstrous thing to beat. Pay day loans can leave you with a larger bill than what you started with. And other kinds of loans (like bank loans) can help you go one step forward, but two steps back.

Your structured settlement and annuity payments are YOURS. The slow stream of payments may not be enough to tackle debt in the most efficient way. But selling structured settlements might be!

For one, your credit will stay intact. With payday loans, credit card cash advances, and other ‘fast cash’ schemes, your credit might suffer if you take advantage of them. Alternatively, you could sell your payments to a trusted settlement company, like RSL Funding.

RSL Funding doesn’t have big budget commercials – but the company does value you, the customer. Blasting though debt is achievable, without having to compromise on your financial standing. After your money transfer is approved, you can be well on your way to being debt-free.

As a last, but important note, RSL Funding will give you the most money for your structured settlement, guaranteed. If you get a quote from a competitor who’s promising you the highest lump sum, call RSL Funding as fast as you can. We’ll beat any competitor, or pay you $1000*.

So don’t let debt get you down. If you’re receiving payments from a structured settlement or annuity, you can tackle debt quickly, and with no harm to your credit.

It’s time to show that debt monster the door! Sell your structured settlement or annuity for a large lump sum of cash.

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