6 Ways Selling Your Structured Settlement Makes You A Boss


Are you ready to be a boss? As in your own boss; someone who takes control of their future and starts their own business? If so, selling a structured settlement can provide the funds you need to make it over the initial hurdles all new businesses face.

Before you take the plunge, there are several steps you need to take to make sure you start off your business off right. Here are 6 ways selling your structured settlement can help launch a successful venture and set you up for success:

1) Funding Your Business

Bringing the brilliant ideas in your head to fruition takes time and money. Convincing potential customers to choose your business over a competitor requires a professional image, up-front capital and a solid business plan. By selling a structured settlement, you can get the cash you need to make sure your business projects a professional image that sets you apart. Startup costs can include anything from office space, to technology (such as special software or equipment), to a professionally designed logo, and these costs can add up fast. A quick capital boost from selling a structured settlement can help give you the advantage you need to start your business off right.

2) Hiring the Right People

Getting the best people on your team is an essential component of business success. Even if you’re a sole proprietor, building a stellar team of business associates such as lawyers, accountants and advisors is critical. When it comes to attracting top performers in your industry or training new employees, you’re going to need a great Human Resources platform or third party HR group; these are the first steps in building your team. Selling a structured settlement is a great way to get the cash you’ll need to invest in a top rate staff for your business.

3) Promoting Your Product / Service

While you may have the best product or service in your industry, nobody knows about you because you’re new to the space– that’s why strong marketing at the onset of a business venture is essential. Marketing can be expensive and sometimes it takes awhile for results to appear; a flyer sent out at the beginning of the month may not start generating calls until the end of the month. For your marketing efforts to really work and deliver the results you’re looking for, you need to stick with it, and this requires money. Selling your structured settlement for cash is a great way to get the financing you need to fund your marketing efforts until you start seeing tangible results.

4) Promoting Yourself

As the owner of a business, you are as important a part as any other, and it’s important to participate in and be known in your community. Get out to as many events as possible, especially those where potential customers or business partners may be present. Volunteer your time and participate in popular community events. By selling a structured settlement, you could receive a lump sum payment of cash that would allow you to host your own community or charity event and really make an impact.

5) Offering Incentives

No matter how great your product or service is, people are generally unwilling to try something new without some kind of incentive. To entice consumers to try your product or service, you will have to provide a fair amount of incentives – such as discounts or giveaways – in the beginning. When offered a discount or free trial, consumers are much more likely to give your business a try. Once they’ve tried your product or service, hopefully they’ll come back and tell their friends about their experience. This can be a very expensive period for new business owners as discounts and free trials cut right into the bottom line. However, for those with a structured settlement, selling payments can provide the funds needed to cover incentive-based costs while you get your product or service out into the market.

6) Be a Real Boss

By selling a structured settlement for cash, you can get the money you need to live your dreams and become your own boss! While starting your own business is a lot of work, imagine the freedom and sense of pride you will have working for yourself and building something from the ground up.

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