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5 Ways to Disaster Proof Your Life with a Structured Settlement Lump Sum

Hurricane season is in full effect! If you’ve been through a natural disaster, you know firsthand that the financial costs of recovery can be very high. Insurance deductibles, renovations, and even medical bills after a flood, hurricane, earthquake or other disaster are daunting for a lot of people. But if you have a structured settlement or annuity, you have the opportunity to bounce back, having cash on hand to address your situation in the moment. You can sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum and get your life back on track.

RSL Funding understands the stress that comes along with high, unexpected bills; the uncertainty of what the future holds. We’ve explored the best ways to disaster-proof your life if you’ve recently experienced a major natural disaster. This quick read will give you some tips on how to get back on your feet when your situation feels hopeless. Read 5 Ways to Disaster-proof Your Life with a Structured Settlement Lump Sum now.


Ripped Off by Wentworth? Get More Money for your Structured Settlement

Have you sold your structured settlement, lottery, or annuity payments to J.G. Wentworth, Peachtree, Stone Street, Olive Branch, or others? Are you angry and upset that you got a bad deal? RSL understands why. You may be able to void your prior sale and get a larger lump sum of money. RSL Funding offers $7,000.00† more on average for your annuity, lottery, and structured settlement payments. Watch the video: J.G. Wentworth Customers Are Angry.

RSL Funding Ripped Off By JG Wentworth
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