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Fines, Tickets, & Fees – Tackling Legal Woes with Your Structured Settlement Lump Sum

It’s not uncommon for jail & court fees, traffic fines, or other debt to follow people around, reminding them of their past misdeeds. The future isn’t the past, so having these debts can keep folks from truly moving forward. If you have structured settlement, lottery, or annuity payments, your debt (and your so-called “checkered past”) can finally take a back seat.

In the blog, “Fines, Tickets, & Fees – Tackling Legal Woes with Your Structured Settlement Lump Sum,” we’ve provided some hard and fast facts on how certain debts can lead to even larger fines or other consequences. But we’ve also broken down how selling your periodic payments can help you pay off debts, including court & legal fees, fines, tickets, and more. Having a lump sum in hand can completely change your outlook and could get you back in good standing with legal authorities. Read our structured settlement blog now.


Ripped Off by Wentworth? Get More Money for your Structured Settlement

Have you sold your structured settlement, lottery, or annuity payments to J.G. Wentworth, Peachtree, Stone Street, Olive Branch, or others? Are you angry and upset that you got a bad deal? RSL understands why. You may be able to void your prior sale and get a larger lump sum of money. RSL Funding offers $7,000.00† more on average for your annuity, lottery, and structured settlement payments. Watch the video: J.G. Wentworth Customers Are Angry.

RSL Funding Ripped Off By JG Wentworth
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