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Lessons Learned From Tracy Morgan

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Your Structured Settlement: Lessons Learned from Tracy Morgan

In June of 2014, the world watched in horror as Tracy Morgan, the beloved comedian and actor was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries after a serious car accident. After a months of rehab, therapy, and a financial settlement, Morgan resumed his life and career. The Tracy Morgan tragedy and eventual recovery offers valuable lessons. It shows that that you too, can jump over physical and financial hurdles…and be better for it in the end. And if you have a structured settlement, you can maximize your attempts to get back on track if you’ve fallen on hard times (even after sustaining a major injury) or would like to break out of a financial rut. Read Your Structured Settlement: Lessons Learned from Tracy Morgan.


Don’t Let JG Wentworth Rip You Off!

Are you thinking about selling your annuity, structured settlement payments, or lottery winnings to JG Wentworth? That’s a bad move. RSL Funding offers jgw_amount† more on average for your annuity, lottery, and structured settlement payments. Have you already sold and are angry that you got a bad deal? You may be able to void your prior sale and get a larger cash lump sum. Don’t let them rip you off! Watch the video: JG Wentworth Customers Are Angry.

RSL Funding Ripped Off By JG Wentworth
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