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Why Selling Structured Settlements is the Best Way to Get Money

When you need money, loans might be the first thing you think of. Inheritances and credit card cash advances might also be in the running. But you should know that all of these options may cause you some financial grief in the long run. Fees, taxes, and high interest might outweigh any positives you might get from receiving money right away. The last thing you’ll want to do is end up in a worse financial bind than what you’ve started in.

Enter your structured settlement payments. When you sell your payments for a large lump sum of cash, it’s money that you don’t have to pay back! It’s also tax-free and if you choose the right buyer, it’ll be fee-free too (say that 3 times fast!). In our blog, “Why Selling Structured Settlements is the Best Way to Get Money,” we showcase how those other cash options pale in comparison to selling your payments. It’s important to understand what you’re getting into no matter what method you choose. RSL’s here to shed some light on what’s out there. Read our structured settlement blog now.


Ripped Off by Wentworth? Get More Money for your Structured Settlement

Have you sold your structured settlement, lottery, or annuity payments to J.G. Wentworth, Peachtree, Stone Street, Olive Branch, or others? Are you angry and upset that you got a bad deal? RSL understands why. You may be able to void your prior sale and get a larger lump sum of money. RSL Funding offers $7,000.00† more on average for your annuity, lottery, and structured settlement payments. Watch the video: J.G. Wentworth Customers Are Angry.

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