Selling Your Structured Settlement: Pros & Cons

Structured Settlement - Pros and Cons

There are lots of good reasons to sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum of cash. With a hefty infusion of money, you can get yourself out of a financial bind or really change your life for the better. But the truth is, when you have a slow trickle of structured settlement cash coming in, reaching those goals can be painful to say the least.

Getting a lump sum in exchange for your gradual structured settlement payments paves the way for a real-life upgrade (new house, anyone?). But then again, there are a few “cons” that often creep up when people sell structured settlements when it doesn’t make sense to do so.

We’ve listed out a few pros and cons when you sell strucutred settlement payments in the ultra-cool graph below.

Pros of Selling Your Structured Settlement Cons of Selling Your Structured Settlement
A large lump sum from the sale of your structured settlement cash award. You can get a large cash payment all at once, rather than wait months or even years for gradual, slow-moving payments to trickle in. Your regular, predictable payments end.  Once you receive a lump sum settlement, you’ll no longer receive your structured payments (if you’ve sold all your payments, that is).
Greater freedom and flexibility. There are numerous things that a lump sum settlement payout can allow you to do, including:

  • Pay off high interest credit card debt
  • Go to college or trade school
  • Put a down payment on a home
  • Start a business
  • Pay off medical bills
Managing a larger sum of money can be more challenging than budgeting smaller payments that arrive regularly.


Self-discipline on the financial front will certainly need to come into play.

The cash you get when you sell structured settlement payments isn’t loan money! You don’t have to pay it back, and no credit checks are involved. Some dishonest structured settlement buyers will try to swindle you into a “pre-settlement funding” deal. It’s an advance before you’re legally able to sell your structured settlement.  But if the judgment isn’t in your favor, you’ll have to pay the money back – with really high interest!

Deciding whether or not to sell structured settlement payments is the right move boils down to your individual situation. That’s why RSL Funding works closely with new clients to determine if selling a structured settlement for cash is the right course of action. And we offer the most money for your payments, guaranteed.

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