Selling Annuities – What Are My Options?

options for selling annuities and structured settlement When selling annuities or structured settlement, there are several purchase options available to you:

Full Purchase

RSL Funding can purchase your settlement or annuity in its entirety. In this instance, you will receive a lump sum payment from us up-front, and will not receive any future payments from the settlement or annuity.

Partial Purchase

RSL Funding can purchase your immediate settlement or annuity payments for any period of time that you specify. At the end of that time, you would start receiving those future payments again under the annuity. Perhaps you do not need the payments now and are concerned that you may need them in the future. We can buy the payments for the next five years, while you retain all rights to receive the future payments after year five.

Reverse Partial

RSL Funding can purchase your future settlement or annuity payments, while you continue to receive the current payments for a specified period of time. Perhaps you are receiving $2000 per month for the next 20 years. You need the payments now, but still want to sell a portion of the settlement. We can buy payments from years five through ten. You will continue to receive payments for the next five years, and receive the payments again after the 10th year.

Split Disbursement Partial

RSL Funding can split your settlement or annuity payments. Perhaps you’re receiving $2000 per month, but only need $1000 a month. We can give you a lump sum payment for the portion of the payments you do not need in the future, while you still receive the balance of the settlement or annuity payments that you need now.

Multiple Stage Payout

RSL Funding can purchase your settlement or annuity with multiple lump payments. This might be an advantage if you wanted to switch from your current monthly settlement payments to annual lump sum payments.

Multiple Cash Flow

RSL Funding can purchase the cash flow if you want to sell future payments from more than one settlement or annuity.

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