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Is JG Wentworth a good company?

Good on you for seeking out JG Wentworth reviews before you sell your structured settlement, annuities, or lottery winnings. Customers have shared their JG Wentworth reviews (and horror stories!) on Facebook, Instagram, and more. Some have even set out to void prior JG Wentworth sales. We set out to make people aware of JG Wentworth’s lowball offers and their shady tactics by showcasing some of those reviews from 2019 and 2020 here. Some of what you’ll read may surprise you or maybe confirm what you’ve already heard. Either way, we encourage you read these real JG Wentworth reviews and decide for yourself if they’re a company you want to do business with.

Customers are Furious with JGW…

➢ “I’ve done business with JG Wentworth, it was the biggest mistake I ever made, can you help me, because they definitely ripped me off” – Kendra L.

➢ “Wentworth, Peachtree, and a lot of other companies are all owned by the same company…” – Adrian H.

➢ “I regret selling my structured settlement everyday to JgW” – Thia P.

➢ “J.G definitely took advantage of me and another company too . Totally stole thousands been going over my paperwork Agent lied. And gave me different info from what was agreed” – Valerie L.

➢ “I used Peachtree and jg Wentworth they lied to me on so many levels and then I wasn’t able to be their to talk to the judge or lawyers I was young then smh”– Barbie A.

➢ “I used JG Wentworth for 3 transactions and never again would I use them.” – Gladys S.

➢ “… Wentworth & lending tree is middle man companies that won’t get you as much as your structures settlement is worth” – Tiffanie T.

➢ “Yes [J.G. Wentworth] take advantage…they should be made to reimburse. But if they conned you into it your screwed! I wish I could get some back.” – Carol J.

➢ “Well hell, I knew I was getting ripped off from the get go [from J.G. Wenthworth]. But didn’t have a choice” – Angel P.

➢ “I agree I was just 18 and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing…I sold so much [to J.G. Wentworth] for such a small amount” – Jessica P.

➢ “… I was young and didn’t have a clue of what they were talking about and I asked to be their they told me I didn’t have to be which I felt like [J.G. Wentworth] spoke for me on some lies to get money fast and it wasn’t the amount they promised” – Barbie A.

➢ “… [J.G. Wentworth] hassled me for years until they caught me in a tight place and low balled me felt like I had no choice.” – Amanda M.

➢ “[J.G. Wentworth] ripped me off” – Little J.

➢ “They absolutely are i sold them my settlement and now i have nothing [J.G. Wentworth] riped me off big time” – Erin D.

➢ “I did a deal with [J.G. Wentworth] I wish I hadn’t” – Mo C.

➢ “I sold mine to [J.G. Wentworth] in 08 threw 2011 and i wish i didn’t they ripped me off so bad i have nothing to show for it i wish there was a way to sue them”- Erin D.

➢ “I went through [J.G. Wentworth]. They leave alot of stuff out that you don’t find out until it’s too late” – Nichol A.

➢ “RIP off also. I sold to JG Wentworth and 10 yrs later they are still trying to get me to sell em more of my settlement. I get calls 3x a week for 10 yrs.” – Traci S.

➢ “I went through jg Wentworth and I think Peachtree. Both got over on me…those places are a joke. Never again.” – Yiskah Y.

➢ “;( total rip off!!! [J.G. Wentworth] goes after desperate Americans who are just trying to get there life started.” – georgeroor

➢ “Wentworth, Peachtree, and a lot of other companies are all owned by the same company…” – Adrian H.

➢ “Wentworth is as low as they come they robbed me of alot of money during 1995 to 2000 and nobody would tell where is my money they are rude people” – Martha R.

➢ “[JG Wentworth] should be sued.” – Willie W.

➢ “I went through [J.G. Wentworth]. They leave alot of stuff out that you dont find out until it’s too late” – Nichol A.

➢ “Yeah when I started dealing with Peachtree back in 1996 when they were in Atlanta they were good but unfortunately I continued to do numerous deals with them because they had all my info and no one wanted to deal with my insurance company ELNY so yeah when JG acquired Peachtree and other names and companies they really started to rip people off in a HUGE WAY!!!!!…” – Danny C.

➢ “[J.G. Wentworth] took so much money.” – Betty G.

➢ “…I went with stone street went to court and the judge said yes. That was in 2018 and I never got my money they stole it all” – Linda M.

➢ “Please help me I have always thought i been ripped off from Peachtree. !!!!” – Cynthia M.

➢ “I did a deal with [J.G. Wentworth] in 2016 and got ripped off bad…” – Adam W.

➢ “J.G. rip off !!!! Right” – Mary S.

➢ “I’ve been robbed by jg Wentworth..they took alot of money from me for a piece of crap money they gave me..couldnt even pay my bills” – Alberto R.

➢ “jg bought alot of those companies out dam near half are underneath the jg Wentworth corporate umbrella” – Martell F.

➢ “Yup they did rip off. I had to sell mine when I was young to pay for funerals.” – Sharon B.

➢ “[JG Wentworth] will steal you blind, they take advantage of people who are hurting and desperate, they should be sued” – Ken W.

➢ “They roped off my son thousands of dollars.” – KBelinda R.

➢ “[JG Wentworth] rip my son off 50% of one of his payments they are a rip-off criminal Enterprise” – Timothy A.

➢ “[JG Wentworth] ripped me off years ago” – Nichole M.

➢ “Yep. [JG Wentworth] screwed me and then didn’t send the last 10 grand of money I was owed.” – Brandon M.

➢ “[JG Wentworth] Ripped me off too back in 17” – Ken M.

➢ “#JG Wentworth sucks and are a rip off!!!” – Missy B.

➢ “Their nothing but thieves …….I know” – Jerry W.

➢ “[J.G. Wentworth] THIEVES,CON MEN… ” – Dan S.

➢ “[J.G. Wentworth] They rip me and twice by pretending to be a differ company” – Mike C.

Reviews that indirectly referenced J.G. Wentworth have been edited to include “[J.G. Wentworth]”.


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