Selling Structured Settlements and Annuities: A Way Out of Crisis

Selling Structured Settlements

If you are receiving periodic payments stemming from a lawsuit you have won, selling structured settlements could be the helping hand you need to rise above crisis and create better opportunities for you and your family. This holds especially true for anyone who has had to combat financial hardships from a breakdown in city or town services.

Imagine if simply turning on your faucet posed a serious threat to your health, or if you had no access to running water at all? While these may seem like situations no one living in a first world country would ever have to consider, these improbable nightmares are realties facing residents of Flint and Detroit. What would you do if faced with similar circumstances? Are you financially able to provide for your family in the event of disaster? For many people, the answer is no.

Water Crisis in Flint

For the past several weeks, one of the top news stories has been the water contamination in Flint, Michigan – and for good reason. It’s unfathomable to most Americans that such a disastrous contamination could occur in our very own water supply. But it did happen. As a result of political disagreements, the city of Flint began sourcing its water from the Flint River, which contained corrosive materials that allowed lead from aging pipes to infiltrate the water supply. As a result, the drinking water in Flint contained extremely high levels of lead; levels much higher than is allowable for drinking water to be considered safe. The Flint water crisis has now been declared a federal state of emergency and at least four government officials have resigned, including one from the Environmental Protection Agency. Through no fault of their own, the people of Flint are now left relying on bottled water for basic necessities that should, for all intents and purposes, be a basic right. Such reliance comes at a cost, and even with the generous flood of donations that has come in, many residents are left to cover those costs on their own. If your family was suddenly required to foot the bill for necessities in a crisis situation, could you afford it?

Selling structured settlements offers a way for you to protect yourself and your family against crisis. By selling structured settlements, you can ensure you have the necessary funds to provide your family with basic necessities in times of need. Having a lump sum of cash readily available can also provide a means to move away from distressed areas. Avoiding crisis might be out of your control, but preparing yourself for it is not.

Detroit Water Shut-Off

In May 2015, the Detroit Water and Sewage Department (DWSD) began shutting off water to approximately 1,000 of its estimated 65,000 delinquent accounts. Many accounts were only in arrears by $150 and the decision to shut down accounts went against the wishes of the city council. To refer to those affected as ‘accounts’ really doesn’t provide an accurate portrayal of the situation; these ‘accounts’ were people and families that were already facing financial hardship who did not have access to running water in their homes. As a family already in financial trouble, how can you hope to get back on your feet without access to running water, which is a basic necessity?

If you find yourself struggling to pay your bills every month, selling structured settlements can be the lifeline you need to pull yourself out of debt and avoid having necessary services cut off. By selling structured settlements, you will receive a lump sum payment of cash that you can use to pay off debt and any outstanding delinquent accounts you may have.

Imagine the freedom and peace of mind that comes from living debt and worry free. If you have been falling behind on your bill payments, selling structured settlements can provide you with the ability to not only catch up, but also get a head start and move into a more financially secure position. Don’t allow your family to lose out on basic necessities due to unpaid bills – sell structured settlements for stability and a better future.

Selling Structured Settlement

Selling Structured Settlements, Rising Up

Sometimes, despite even the best efforts, where you live can impact your life even more than how you live. In America especially, concentrated poverty is a huge issue. Concentrated poverty refers to areas that contain higher than average populations of people living below the poverty line. This has a tremendous impact on the economics of the area, keeping residents from things such as a quality education and good jobs – two key components for pulling oneself out of poverty.

If you live in an area of concentrated poverty, you can be empowered to move to a place with greater opportunities. By selling structured settlements, you will receive a lump sum cash payment that can help you cover the costs of relocating and start a better life for you and your family. Sometimes circumstances are the only obstacle to your success; if your circumstances are holding you back, why not change them? Selling structured settlements provides you with the opportunity to change your locale, and your life.

Waiting until a crisis hits to prepare yourself and your family can lead to financial, social, and even health issues.

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