Sell Annuity Payments and Save Money: Your Winter To-Do List!

Sell Annuity Payments


Winter is almost here and along with it comes cold weather and the holidays – two things that can quickly break a budget. While winter can be challenging financially, you can ease the burden if you sell annuity payments for a much needed cash boost right when you need it and follow the tips outlined in this article for saving money this winter.

Keeping Warm For Less

Winter can be a wonderful and beautiful time, if you can manage to get past the cold weather. Buying winter gear and cranking up the heat can add up – quickly. Sell annuity payments before the cold weather hits in order to make sure you have the money you need to stay warm and truly enjoy all that winter has to offer. To help get you through winter without breaking your budget, follow these helpful tips that will keep you toasty warm for less.

  1. Sell Annuity Payments for CashAir seal your home

Air sealing your home involves blocking off areas where cold air might slip in. While this may sound like something you need to call in a professional for, it’s actually quite simple and can be done on your own. First, look for places in your home where drafts may sneak in, such as the edges of doors and windows. Second, purchase some caulking at your local hardware store and seal off the edges. Now, when the bitter winds start howling, the frosty cold drafts will stay outside, where they belong.

  1. Layer up

A great way to save on heating costs in the winter is to simply dress for the weather. Instead of cranking up your furnace, if you’re feeling cold, try adding some layers. If you’re just hanging out with friends and family, wrap yourself in a nice warm blanket. Layering up is an easy and cost-effective means of keeping heating costs down in the winter.

  1. Cook more meals at home

Not only will cooking at home help your budget by reducing the amount you eat out at restaurants – which can add up quickly – but also, by using your stove, you’ll be indirectly heating your house while preparing your meal.

  1. Close off unused rooms

In the winter, every kilowatt of heat counts. If you have rooms in your home that are not often used, consider closing off the vents to these rooms and closing the doors for the winter. Eventually, the temperature of the unused rooms will drop and you’ll no longer be paying to heat space nobody uses.

Sell Annuity Payments Before Holiday Costs Stack Up

From November to January, families come together and communities celebrate; but the holidays can also be expensive. Without proper planning, holiday spending can easily exceed your budget. To prepare yourself and protect your budget during the holiday season, consider the benefits if you sell annuity payments and receive lump sum cash to help get over the holiday hump. In addition, follow these money-saving holiday tips and you’ll be sure to come out ahead this year.

Sell Annuity Payments for Money1. Gift your skills

If you have a skill, or are at all handy, consider giving the gift of your labor this year. Perhaps you can offer to build a new cabinet for your in-laws, or give your brother an hour’s worth of house cleaning services. When it comes to gift giving, it’s the thought that counts, not the price tag – consider gifts that won’t break the bank. 

Make a list – and stick to it

2. Before you begin your holiday shopping, make a list of all the people you will be buying for, including those you will be giving small gifts or holiday tips, such as your child’s teacher or your babysitter. Once you have a complete list, go through and assign a dollar value to each one, indicating the maximum you are willing to spend. Add up all the money you plan on spending on gifts and see if it fits within your budget; if not, consider removing some people or lowering the dollar amount you planned on allotting.

  1. Use energy-efficient LED holiday decorations

Switching out your old holiday lights and decorations for newer, energy-efficient, LED options will help save on energy costs now and in the future.

  1. Check out Cyber-Monday

Since 2005, online retailers have jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon by providing their version, dubbed Cyber-Monday. Occurring on the Monday after Thanksgiving, online retailers provide tons of great deals you can take advantage of without even leaving your house.

Stay in the Black This Winter

 By following these simple money-saving tips, you’ll better be able to stay on budget and save money this winter. For a little extra help right when it counts, consider the benefits if you sell annuity payments and receive the cash you need to make this winter truly enjoyable and memorable.

Save money, stay on budget, and be prepared this winter by calling RSL Funding at web_phone or requesting a quote online to get the most money when you sell annuity payments.

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