Pre Settlement Funding Woes and How to Avoid Them

Waiting for a settlement while your case works its way through the court system can seem like an eternity, especially if your bills continue to pile up while you wait. At the time, pre settlement funding may seem like a viable option, but it has many disadvantages that many pre settlement sellers aren’t aware of until it’s too late.

What Is Pre Settlement Funding?

Pre settlement funding companies offer cash to customers awaiting judgment in settlement cases. The customer’s credit and financial status are rarely considered, and the awarding of funds is typically based on the likelihood that the customer will win their case. While it is usually those customers with a high chance of winning that are awarded these funds in advance, there is always the chance that the customer will lose. In order to compensate the funding company for this risk, customers receive a much lesser payout than they would have had they waited until after the settlement judgment to sell. Additionally, many customers who lose their case are then required to repay the pre settlement funding loan in full, further deteriorating their financial situation.

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How Is Structured Settlement Funding Different

Selling your structured settlement to a reputable company, such as RSL Funding, is much different than receiving pre settlement funding and presents many advantages to sellers. For starters, any money you receive from the sale of a structured settlement is yours to keep – there’s no need to worry about ever having to pay it back. Additionally, by waiting until the judgment has arrived in your favor, you will receive substantially more money by selling your structured settlement than you would by opting for pre settlement funding.

Most importantly, selling structured settlements to a reputable structured settlement buyer provides peace of mind. Pre settlement funding loans come with terms that can be volatile and unsteady, providing sellers with a less than optimal payout and of course, the chance that they may lose their case and have to pay the money back. By waiting until after your payments have been awarded in court, you can sell your structured settlement with confidence to a qualified structured settlement buyer, and that you have received the largest cash payout for your settlement

Why Sell Your Structured Settlement To RSL Funding

At RSL Funding, we’re committed to getting you the highest cash payout for your structured settlement. We’re a principal, not a broker, and will close the transaction with our own funds. Many other structured settlement buyers will sell your settlement as part of a pool of settlements, which may leave you to deal with an unknown party. RSL Funding retains responsibility of your settlement throughout the life of the transaction to ensure you receive the highest payout.

We always put the interests of our customers first and provide them with the knowledge and information necessary to make the best possible decision for their financial future. We care about our customers and have a vested interest in ensuring they have the brightest, most financially secure future possible – this is why we don’t offer pre settlement funding.

Pre settlement funding opens up the seller to many unnecessary risks and can have a negative impact on his or her financial future. Selling your structured settlement to RSL Funding, a reputable structured settlement buyer, is the best way to ensure you get the most money for selling structured settlements or annuities.

Avoid the woes of pre settlement funding by calling RSL Funding today at web_phone or requesting a quote online.

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