How Long Does it Take to Sell a Structured Settlement?

How Long Does It Take to Sell a Structured Settlement

You’ve seen the ads—people shouting out of their windows, “It’s my money and I need it now!” The problem is—“now” is a relative term. The time it takes to sell a structured settlement isn’t as speedy as you’ve been led to believe. So how long does it take for someone to buy structured settlements? Well, the timeline from when you request a quote from a funding company to the time you receive payment from the sale can span anywhere from 45-90 days. This goes for any funding company you choose, even the big guys like JG Wentworth, Peachtree, and Novation Settlements. It is important for anyone looking to sell their structured settlement, annuity, or lottery winnings to understand that the process will not take “as little as two days” as some misleading ads might tell you.

There are different factors that can affect when the transaction is fully realized and you receive a lump sum payment. During the 45-90 day waiting period, a prospective seller should expect to submit required documents, and be available to appear in front of a judge to see whether or not the transaction is approved.  Success in selling your structured settlement relies on when required forms are sent in, state law and regulations, when the court date is set, and whether or not the judge appointed to your case gives the green light.


RSL Funding Takes Time to Protect Your Identity

Sell Structured SettlementsThis series of checks and balances ensures your protection! RSL Funding, in particular, has set the standard for protecting its customers against fraud. When you request an obtain a quote for how much your lump sum will be, customers will be asked to submit an application and contract to get the process started. And in light of the current climate surrounding identity theft, we will obtain a credit bureau report as well as other documentation to verify identity, for the seller’s safety. Also, signatures are compared to settlement agreements and the seller’s ID. Other precautions are taken thereafter to make sure the seller isn’t subject to identity theft. In fact, RSL Funding has yet to experience a fraud-related loss. We don’t rush the process. We take the time to protect what’s rightfully yours.

Aside from identity protection procedures, petitions are sent out to the appropriate counties, the court date is set, and other documentation is sent out to all related parties to keep everyone informed.

Customers should know that some funding companies might be able to grant you what is commonly referred to as a “pre-settlement loan.” That is, a loan or cash advance made to you before the sale of your settlement has been approved by a judge. Usually, it comes as a percentage of the money that would be provided to you after the deal is approved, in good faith. If the judge overseeing your case denies the transaction, you still may be on the hook to pay back your cash advance. This is why we advise against pre-settlement loans, as unwitting customers might end up owing more money in the end. As a trusted structured settlement buyer, RSL Funding gives you the most money for your payments.

The 45-90 day timeline for selling your structured settlement is the industry standard. But customers should know that with RSL Funding’s exceptional service, and the promise that the most money will be given to you for the sale of your structured settlement payments, it will definitely be worth the wait.

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