Annuity Calculator

Annuity Calculator

Why Use an Annuity Calculator?

annuity calculatorTypical annuity calculators available on the web serve as a way to gauge the dollar amount of your annuity payments over a set period of time. Others provide an estimate as to how annuity issuers stack up against one another. We’ve created an annuity calculator for the purpose of providing annuitants with the big picture of what they can earn from selling their annuity. By providing key information such as the amount of your payments, annuity issuer, and the number of payments remaining, we can provide you with an accurate quote plus additional information on the process.

So here’s how an Annuity Calculator works:

After submitting your information, our representatives will crunch the numbers to determine how much your lump sum will be. We’ll give you a call and follow up with an email to inform you of the results. You’ll be able to know up front just how beneficial selling your annuity might be.

RSL Funding has changed for the better, having a stronger focus on customer service and a renewed commitment to providing the most money for the sale of your annuity.

RSL Funding believes that everyone deserves to be financially independent. By purchasing an annuity, you’ve already taken the first step to ensure your future is secure—you’re receiving predictable scheduled payments that empower you to take care of financial obligations. But it might not be enough.

If you’re currently receiving annuity payments, and are interested in selling them for a large lump sum payment, please take advantage of our annuity calculator. We’re looking forward to connecting with you, helping you work toward a better financial standing. If for any reason you have questions about our calculator before submitting your information, please feel free to give us a call at 800-543-6513. We’ll be happy to get your questions answered and provide you with a quote on the spot.

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