Customer Stories

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My Collision Settlement 

Our customers have different reasons why they turn to RSL Funding to sell their structured settlement payments. Here is Daisi’s story. After her car accident, she wanted to get back to work but she didn’t want to work for anyone else. With help from RSL Funding Daisi was able to sell her structured settlement payments for a lump sum to start her own business and open a non-profit organization.


Helping My Sister’s Family During a Crisis

Sometimes our customers sell their structured settlement payments to help out a family member that has fallen on hard times. This is Anna’s story – she was receiving structured settlement payments from an accident in college. When her sister fell on hard times she wanted to help but she didn’t want to lose her stability of structured settlement payments. Anna contacted RSL Funding and she was able to sell a portion of her payments for a large lump sum which she used to help her sister.

Dad Needed Our Help, Selling an Annuity Helped Solve the Problem

When Tom’s dad wanted to sell his annuity payments he needed to find a company which he could trust and not feel pressure when selling his dad’s annuity payments. Tom and his family turned to RSL Funding because our team understood the situation and keep the whole family informed every step of the way. Selling annuity payments should not be a complicated process and Tom shares how the RSL team helped him help his dad.

From Heartache to Hopeful, Thanks to RSL

Tragedies happen, but when they do you have to know when to see the silver lining. This is Gabrielle’s story – she lost her daughter in an accident when she was only 12 years old. After receiving structured settlement payments to help with their hard times during this grieving process, she wanted to do something to honor her daughter. She sold her structured settlement payments for a lump sum and was able to start a scholarship program in memory of her daughter.