Sell Annuities

Sell Annuities
Get Cash for Your Annuity!

RSL Funding can get you on the road to financial freedom when you sell annuities (non-structured). Investment annuities are viewed as a long-term income source, but there are situations where it is in the recipient’s best interest to trade them in early in exchange for one lump sum. Customers have used the money to improve their quality of life.

Why Sell Annuities?

Many people settle debts, purchase a new home for their families, pay tuition, take advantage of business opportunities, and pay for unexpected financial emergencies.The funds you receive do not have to be paid back. Why? It’s because it’s YOUR money, paid to you all at once. RSL Funding will receive a percentage of the overall amount for putting in the paperwork and getting everything in motion.

Your Money is Only “Real” When You Have It In Hand

Money that you’re expecting, but not in hand is like not having the money at all. If you’re like most people who have won an annuity, you have to continually have faith that a) your payment will come as planned and b) you will receive the entire sum within your lifetime.

An annuities buyer or structured settlement company like RSL Funding can help you achieve greater financial liquidity. Instead of relying on a vague promise that money will arrive in the future, you can get the money you need, when you need it. Selling your investment annuity allows you to meet obligations and change your situation for the better. Use the lump sum to help yourself reach current goals now instead of waiting on long, drawn out structured settlement payments to come in the mail.

You can even take advantage of an investment opportunity. Choosing to sell your annuity for a lump sum with RSL Funding allows you to put the money into high-yield investment programs and interest-bearing savings accounts.

The money is real when it is in your hands. Call RSL Funding now!

RSL Funding – A Name You Can Trust

RSL Funding will advise on whether or not the selling your annuity is the right decision! Many sellers don’t realize that they do not have to sell their entire annuities. You can opt to sell just part of it and continue to receive monthly payments. You have total control– base your decision on how much cash you need now against the payments you’ll still get in the future.

If you’ve been awarded an annuity and are receiving monthly payments, you could get a cash advance. It’s one of the many reasons RSL Funding is your best option for selling your annuity.

More About RSL Funding

RSL Funding is an affiliate of A.M.Y. Property & Casualty Insurance Corporation, which together with its management team and its affiliates, provides risk management, claims handling services and overall insurance company administration to more than seventy insurance companies insuring or reinsuring policyholders throughout the United States.

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